Marketing CRM

One of our expertise is to leverage predictive analytics extensively in the marketing/CRM space, not limited to:

Upsell analytics

Predictive models are used to determine which existing customers are likely to buy another particular product.  We combine this with customer segmentation to determine what is the next best product for each of your customers.  This is a combination of product-centric and customer-centric approach to CRM.  This greatly enhances the revenue per customer and it is one of the main focus of CRM.

Product/customer attrition

This type of model predicts who is likely to cancel one or more services.  With a monthly alert, company’s loyalty team can be proactively engage in resolving the issues causing the customers to score high in attrition risk.


Another specialization of ours in the CRM space is prospecting.  Without customer data, we utilize national demographic data in building predictive models to recommend which geographic area should be targeted for optimal ROI.

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